Hello, My name is Jae!
Web Developer - Machine Learning Enthusiast - Data Scientist Intern at IBM

( Supervisor : Pavel Abdur-Rahman )

I am located at Toronto ON Canada.
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Selected Projects

Predicting Heart Disease using Artificial Neural Network

Faces of United Compsci Kids - Computer vision and Machine Learning

Question Detection using Natural Language Processing and multiple classifiers

Simple explanation and example about Merkle Tree - BlockChain

Basic Image Processing in Python

Classify EEG signal using Linear Discriminant Analysis

Implementation of probabilistic neural network in python

Horrible explanation about
Neural Networks.

Beyond classification Accuracy - Classification Performance Measurement.

Talk : Predicting Heart Disease using Artificial Neural Network
Simple tutorial on
Amazon Web Services for hosting website

Face Detection Using Matlab and Support Vector Machine

Research Paper Classification - IBM Watson and AWS using Flask

[Paper Break Down]
The clinical adoption meta-model.


Survey Instrument

Google Genomics - API 101 using Python 2.7

Basic Simple Explanition about problems solved in C

Bilateral filtering implementation

in python

Reddit data extractor

Future Projects - Machine Learning, Endoscopy

School : CPS 706 Network Helping Peers

python - Simple Content Distrubution using Flask

Project Archive/Resume


    Past Work Experience

  • Web Developer/Data Scientist at Social Media Lab at Ryerson University (Supervisor : Anatoliy Gruzd)

  • Rasberry pi Developer at Architectural Science at Ryerson University (Supervisor : Mark Gorgolewski)

  • Computer Programmer at Architectural Science at Ryerson University (Supervisor : Jenn McArthur)

  • iBEST student / Volunteering Research Assistant at BioMedical Photonics Group (Supervisor : Alexandre Douplik)

About Me

My passion is machine learning. I believe we are living in the golden era of Artificial Intelligence. With the help of AI, I can make your business grow faster, and smarter by advance data processing, high accuracy classification and automation! If you have any questions regarding what I can do for you in detail or have a project in mind feel free to contact me anytime!

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